2013 - ongoing

LACUNA [    ]

a curatorial project by SABINA MAC MAHON and DAVID QUINN

LACUNA [    ] is an onging occasional series of exhibitions at Taylor Galleries, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 co-curated by David Quinn and Sabina Mac Mahon.

The independent curatorial project runs alongside the gallery’s main programme and embraces experimental and enquiring practices in image- and object-making. When an empty space is encountered it can evoke a desire to fill it with something; to make it complete. In addressing this compulsion LACUNA [    ] both asks and answers the question, “With what?”.

Four iterations of the series have taken place since its initiation in 2013, with LACUNA [ 04 ] running from 3 to 25 February 2017.

Artists whose work has featured in LACUNA [    ] to date include Lucy Andrews, Neil Carroll, Mark Cullen, Cora Cummins, Sharon Etgar, Sarah Jane Finnegan, Cliona Harmey, Vincent Hawkins, Gillian Lawler, Kyle McDonald, Maggie Madden, Seán Molloy, Eimear Murphy, Eveleen Murphy, Shane Murphy, Chloë Nagle, Lesley-Ann O’Connell, Pauline O’Cpnnell, Helen O’Leary, Rachel-Rose O’Leary, Sonny Ortolano, Rachel Parry, Eddie Rafferty, Gerda Teljeur, Andrew Ward, Tad Wiley and Gwen Wilkinson.

For further information about the series visit http://www.lacunae.info.